Our Curated Content from Around the Web – March 16, 2014

Keep yourself updated from what’s happening locally and internationally with these interesting articles. Take time to read them all to help you become a smarter parent for you and your child’s well – being.


  • Why Exam Pressure Takes Toll on Students
    Dubai: It’s February and Grades 10 and 12 board exams are around the corner. Students are busy with their studies. The atmosphere is tense as the pressure has started building up. On one hand, you have parents and teachers motivating students, while on the other hand, you have parents telling their kids to score almost 100 per cent marks in the exams.
  • Bodytree Studio Offers Ballet Classes Where Mums and Daughters Dance Together
    For mums who find it hard juggling children and staying fit, new classes have started up that allow them to bond with their kids while burning off calories. Twinkle Toes Ballet at the Bodytree Studio in Abu Dhabi is designed to encourage young dancers to build up confidence, especially knowing mum is there, too.
  • Save these Dates: Book-Centric Events
    Reading is said to be one of the ingredients of success as it stimulates the ability to think. Here are three UAE events that will help instil a love for reading and writing in children.



  • Don’t Tell Kids Not to Talk to Strangers – Encourage Them to Trust Their Instincts
    In a recently published study in Psychological Science, experimenters found out that children as young as three can evaluate trustworthiness accurately, and as well as adults can by the time they are seven. There have also been studies showing that babies as young as six months can tell which adults are more helpful, and some one-year-olds will try to help someone who is struggling.

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