Protect Your Child from Dropping Out through Expanded Learning Opportunities


The UAE has been putting effective measures to create a knowledge – based economy and take it to higher levels. However, it was found that males in their senior secondary levels are more likely to drop out from school. The issue on school dropouts is a worldwide concern. It occurs to every country due to economic and socio – cultural factors, which has an adverse impact.

Who are the Dropouts?

Dropouts are students who have left school for several reasons, which include disciplinary reasons, exceeding number of absences, poor academic performance, exceeding acceptable levels of retention, lack of motivation, disengagement and others. These reasons are frequently encountered worldwide and some factors to consider that affect the kids activities in Dubai include family issues, socioeconomic status, unpleasant school experiences that result in underperformance and self – esteem.


Boys have a Higher Tendency of Dropping Out


A study was conducted on dropout patterns in 2005 by Dr. Zureik, which examined over 416 students from seven all – boys and all – girls schools in the emirate of Sharjah. Zureik found out that nearly 35 percent of males dropped out between levels 10 and 12, compared to 25 percent of females. It was also found that boys dropped out of school due to family circumstances, such as the father being absent or ill, which forced them to take the role as providers. For the females, marriage was discovered as the main reason.

Recommended Solutions

The study provided a two – part recommendation to solve this worldwide issue, both at home and in school.

At Home

  • Parent involvement was encouraged in the child’s education, which includes providing them with information on the school’s activities for kids in Dubai and more parent – teacher contact.
  • Fathers should also set a positive examples for their kids by maintaining employment or entrepreneurial practices until at least 60 years old.
  • Better financial management among parents to mitigate low socioeconomic factors.
  • Involvement of a social worker to help single parents or a multiple mother household support their children.

At School

  • Improve quality of teaching through a more rigorous entry requirements (for national teachers), maintenance of minimum competency standards, set regular high standard for all teachers’ professional development, etc.
  • Encourage more support for weaker students through activities after school in Dubaiandhelp in homework.
  • Monitor student performance and attendance with follow up on students in case of habitual absences or a series of poor examination results.

If you will notice, these recommendations involve all people concerned in the student’s educational health. Expanded learning opportunities must be imposed on these people, including students, to gain more knowledge on the importance of education and its impact on their daily lives.

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