Simple but Memorable April Fools Day Prank Ideas for Kids


April Fools Day is a day of pranks that happens only once every year. This is why parents need to help their kids enjoy the special day with the coolest tricks. A list of after school activities for kids in Dubai should include creating pranks for this big day. But how do you know which pranks or practical jokes are fun and safe at the same time? Read on to know the different safe and funny prank ideas for your kids this April Fools Day.

 Bloody Milk

Place a few drops of food coloring inside the cardboard container of your milk. Do this just before everybody wakes up. They will surely be surprised and wide awake once they have seen the red milk flowing out from the carton.

 Worm in Your Apple

Get fruity this April Fools Day by poking few gummy worms into a fresh fruit, such as an Apple. Look for the most realistic gummy worms that would freak out your parents. Place your masterpiece inside a brown bag and ask your parents to take it for lunch.

 Splashy Washy

If your sink comes with a sprayer, this is the best prank to do as part of after school activities for teenagers in Dubai. Place a rubber band around the handle while everyone’s asleep or out. This will keep the nozzle in spray – mode, but position it pointing up and outward. You will be amazed at how your victim will scream once he or she gets a splashy washy.

Want Some Coins?


Use a superglue on your coins and attach them on the sidewalk or any busy place where people walk around. This is an old joke, but it still works on most people. Have fun watching people breaking fingernails just to pick up the coins.

Fake Vomit

Get a water bottle and fill it with hot water and blended leftovers. Bring the bottle to a cafeteria, but make sure to hide it under your shirt and near the chest. Gather some friends as your accomplice. Once you get to the cafeteria, attract attention by making noise, bending over the table and squeezing the bottle. The leftovers will spray out just like when you throw up.

Are you laughing now? These are just some of the after school activities ideas in Abu Dhabi that kids and adults will enjoy this April Fools Day. Execute these pranks well and you will have the best laugh of your life. Enjoy!

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