Our Curated Content from Around the Web – April 7, 2014

Your child’s future lies on your hands. Below are some important must – read articles that could help you in nurturing your child’s growth potential.


Children who watched TV two to six hours a day were more likely than the high computer/video game group to eat high-fat foods such as French fries or chips, the study found.

The study found that 16 month-old children who slept for less than 10 hours a day consumed around 10 per cent more calories on average than children who slept for more than 13 hours.

It’s the term break for most schools next week, and while Dubai commuters will enjoy the short-lived luxury of improved traffic conditions during the morning drive, working parents who have yet to zero in on a spring camp for their children are probably facing rising stress levels.


In Does Porn Hurt Children in the Sunday Review, David Segal pointed to the absence of definitive research linking pornography exposure during adolescence to negative outcomes for teenagers and noted the ethical impossibility of conducting the kinds of studies that might prove, or disprove, such links. In spite of the lack of evidence of harm, every researcher he interviewed felt uneasy about the messages teenagers might take from pornography and suggested that “at a minimum” parents should be talking with their teenagers about sexuality in general and porn in particular.

Does your afternoon and evening go something like this?

Parent: “What did you do today, honey?”

First grader: “I don’t know/Nothing/I can’t remember/Can I have a cookie?”

As most parents know by now, the experts say we should limit our kids’ screen time or risk raising socially stunted couch potatoes. Last fall, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released updated guidelines for children and adolescents using media, recommending no more than two hours per day of any type of entertainment screen time for kids ages 3 to 18 and none for children 2 or younger. The guidelines cover media such as Internet and texting as well as TV, movies and video games.

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