Three Crafts Ideas for Kids this Spring


Spring break means lots of beautiful flowers and animals coming out to embrace the sun. Parents also see this opportunity to help their kids bloom with new skills and discover talents. This includes letting them enjoy doing fun arts and crafts along with other kids. Here is a list of after school activities for kids in Dubai to give you an idea on what to let your kids create this spring.

Grass Person

This type of art allows children to combine art with gardening with grass people. Get a Styrofoam cup or a small pot where your kids can create a face using markers, wiggly eyes and paints. The cup’s bottom should be covered with small rocks or pebbles. Cover the top using potting soil to fill the cup. Push the grass seeds gently into the soil and cover the top with another layer of potting soil. Place it in a window sill to allow enough sunlight to enter. The face of the cup will eventually have hair once the grass grows.

Butterfly Hand-printing


This is one of the best after school activities ideas in Abu Dhabi that lets parents preserve the memories of their child’s childhood. This can be done with a piece of paper and drawing one small circle and a large oval. Cut the shapes out as they will help create the butterfly’s head and body. Get a colored construction paper and assist your child in tracing three pairs of his or her hands. Cut these traces of hands out, as well.

Grab another sheet of colored construction paper and start assembling the butterfly by gluing three hand prints on each side of the butterfly’s body. These will serve as the butterfly’s wings. The next step is to glue the head and body. Use the coloring materials to decorate the butterfly and create a face. Don’t forget the antennas. You can create them using small pieces of pipe cleaner and glue them on top of the butterfly’s head.

Photo Frame

Let them surprise their grandparents with a nice picture frame. This is another after school program ideas in Abu Dhabi that creates memories. Paint eight sticks and create a square frame by gluing ends together. Place a cardboard on the back and use glue to secure it. Decorate the frame with colorful flowers by cutting colored felt papers. You can also use buttons and jewels to decorate the frame. Place the photo on top once done.

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