Meet Team ‘Kids Apprentice’ (Interview Feature)

This interview series is brought to you by – The first website dedicated for after school activities in UAE. Our very first interview is with the ‘Kids Apprentice’ team…


Q1: Please introduce yourself, the business that you represent and service that you provide.

The ‘Kids Apprentice’ is a fun and engaging experience that will challenge, motivate and inspire creativity in kids aged 7-13 years old, whilst also teaching them valuable leadership and life skills, for now and their future.

Our Mission is “To provide a fun team experience that develops confident, creative young leaders.” And Our Vision is “To inspire children worldwide to be confident, creative team members and leaders.”

Why are we unique?

We provide a fun, safe platform for 7-13 years olds to get an early taste of the challenges that await them during an action packed and competitive “working day.” Our experienced team of teachers and life coaches are on hand to mentor the children and equip them with valuable life tools and help them learn new ways of dealing with the different personalities within their team.

Adam Zargar, Head of Empowerment Coaching at 2b Limitless – As a former teacher turned life coach, Adam developed the ‘Kids Apprentice’ concept to develop confidence, creativity and critical thinking in the young. In this ever-changing world it is precisely this skill set that employees want more of in their workforce and from their leaders.

Linda Chaccour, Certified Youth, Parent and Family Coach at Emerge – Linda believes that ‘Kids Apprentice’ is a concept that will teach coaching principles in a fun way. It is geared towards helping children and teens develop the skills, knowledge, and leadership attitudes that support greater achievement and personal success.

What Experiences Do We Offer?

  • The ‘Kids Apprentice’ Weekend Day Experience
  • The ‘Kids Apprentice’ School Day Experience
  • The ‘Kids Apprentice’ Extra-Curricular School Experience
  • The ‘Kids Apprentice’ Holistic Weekend/Holiday Camp Experience -Mind body soul heart camp
  • The ‘Kids Apprentice’ Birthday Party Experience

Q2: Tell us how your product can be beneficial for kids and parents who sign up in your offered after school activity.

What key skills will your child develop?

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Dealing with failures
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effective delegating
  • Communication
  • Prioritising
  • Effective listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Stress management

Above all they will have the most fun!

kidsapp 2

kidsapp 3

“Our holiday camps are awesome too, with everyday giving the children an activity for their heart soul body and mind!”Adam Zargar, Kids Apprentice

Q3: How can people sign up on your offer and reach you for further inquiries?

Please check our listing on – CLICK HERE

For more information on the “Kids Apprentice Experiences” kindly contact us on our website,, email us at Follow us on facebook here

Contact us on our numbers: Adam 0551387652 or Linda 0506964262

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