8 After School Activities for Kids – The Pros & Cons

Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) – Children and youth who participate in after school programs can reap a host of positive benefits in a number of interrelated outcome areas – academic, social-emotional, prevention, and health and wellness. More

Having your kid enrolled on a wrong after school program can lead to quitting, and once your kid quit a program it can lead to bad things – your kid didn’t just lost the time, he or she also lost the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge. When they quit, we parents loose all the effort and the money that we put into it. Hence parents will have a dilemma on choosing the right after school activity for their kids.

after school activities

This post should offer valuable help to parents who want to enroll their kids on after school activities. We will go through each and every after school activity and analyze all the PROS and CONS of such activity.

1. Swimming – Probably one of the most sought-after programs in this list. Swimming is a fun activity that every kid will surely enjoy. Either you go for intermediate swimming class for kids to advance adult programs that the whole family can enjoy together.

Pros: Swimming demands moderate to heavy physical activity, a very healthy activity that can help you improve your muscle and strength, cardio, body coordination, flexibility, discipline and many more manly attributes. Getting kids involved in early swimming programs can definitely give them the best advantage as they go on in life – not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Cons: Since swimming programs are in demand, it can often cost you more to get enrolled on a swimming class. Providers also need to maintain their facility, pay a swimming professional and so on. Buying swimming gears and other accessories can also be costly, but the good thing is that you can always swim with goggles and feet.

2. Martial Arts – Another activity that involves heavy physical engagement, martial arts is indeed worth considering for your kids. This activity often comes on different variations or should we say ‘discipline’, from Karate, Judo, Taekwando, Aikido, Taichi and Kick Boxing.

Pros: Martial arts can help your kid develop his or her physical strength and discipline. If your kid is not interested on team sports, martial arts can be the solution. Learning a discipline of martial arts can definitely help your kid as they grow up, from self-defense, life motivation and self-discipline.

Cons: Heavy physical engagement can result to injuries. No parent want to put his or her child into pain and therefore martial arts is always a thing that the kid and the parent should discuss first before they go on taking the program.

3.  Basketball Clinics – Everybody know basketball, but few of us know the science behind it. Learn basketball fundamentals from sport clinics, history of the game, basic basketball fundamentals, drills and techniques that every program participant should learn.

Pros: Basketball require moderate to heavy physical participation, a healthy sport that can help a kid improve his physical strength, cardio vascular health for endurance,  flexibility, speed and agility. With all the increase in physical attributes, basketball is also a team sport and can help kids develop his ability to work on team basis (Team Work). Learning to team functions can be beneficial for kids as they grow.

Cons: Another contact sport where bruises and scratches is normal thing. Many people in the basketball world always say that “injuries is part of the game”, the threat on getting your kid injured is always present.

4. Ballet Class – If you want to tap on your kids dancing potential, ballet might be the best first step that he or she can have. There are studies that show how ballet helped people to become better dancers, actors, models and even sports athletes. Let’s take Penelope Cruz as an example, she studied ballet for nine years at Spain’s National Conservatory then auditioned on a talent agency and then later on became a great actress she is now in the Hollywood.

Pros: Ballet classes help kids get that confidence while they are young. Being in front of the mirror and executing routines on a disciplined motion into perfection can always attract self confidence. Ballet requires physical activities that can give your kid a daily boost of exercise that can lead to a proactive life.  Just like any dancing form, ballet can improve your kid’s muscular strength, cardio and flexibility.

Cons: Ballet class tuition fees can be costly on parent’s pockets. Plus add the shoes, tights, tutu (skirt) and other garments that a ballerina need. The program can also be competitive for kids, being the best and the second best can also become a topic of success and failure – but this can always be addressed by proper teaching and parenting.

5. Baseball – If you are looking for other sports aside from basketball, volleyball and so on, you can never go wrong with baseball.

Pros: Learning baseball while young can lead to many good things, from exercises that develop physiological strength, flexibility, agility and cardio to team work and coordination. Baseball can also lead to professional career.

Cons: Baseball can become costly to parents, every player need a good looking baseball sweats shirts, cap, gloves, shoes and other gears needed by a player. While tuition fees become moderately expensive and may vary from programs to programs.

6. Early Dance Lessons – Another after school activity for active kids. Early dance lessons are for kids who show potential in dancing. From hip hop, classical to jazz dance routines, early dance lessons can help you kids improve their dancing skills

Pros: Just like ballet, sending your kid into an early dance lesson can help them develop muscular strength, cardio, flexibility and agility. Dancing can also lead to a professional career that your kid might have used as a motivation on falling in love with dancing.

Cons: Dancing can also become costly if you want the best dancing school for your kid. Tuition fee varies on the type and reputation of the school where your kid will be enrolled. Costume can also be wasteful since many dancers use their costume only once or twice.

7. Football – One of the world’s most admired sport, football is one of the best after school program that you can give to your sporty kid. If your kid enjoy watching football games on TV and has a love and respect for the game, then your kid might be the next football star.

Pros: Football is a physical sport; it can definitely help your kid improve his or her cardio strength. Learning the basics of the game can help your kid develop discipline, coordination, team work, decision making and many more.

Cons: Football can lead to many minor to major injuries, from muscle cramp, knee injuries, scratches and breathing problems. If your kid is playing on a competitive match, be sure to watch their preparations and fitness before they get on the field.

8. Gymnastics – If your kid love the idea of being a gymnast, definitely this activity is for your kid. Though gymnastics is often dominated by girls, there are gymnastic programs that also cater to young boys.

Pros: Gymnastics can improve your kid develop his balance and coordination. From the start of the training, physiological strength is important, developing flexibility, agility is also two of the important physical strength that your kid need.

Cons: Just like any sport, gymnastics injury often occurs on arms, shoulders, knees and legs. Same with ballet, gymnastics always require perfection in executing routines, a challenge into living a world where failure is just a manly thing.

We are planning to add more activities in here so that we can help parents on choosing the right after school program for their kids.

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