5 Tips to Beating the Shyness of Your Child

As a youngster, I always have a problem on beating shyness. My parents would always tell me stories that they too are shy when they were kids and just learned how to grow out of.


Shyness in science is a psychological problem that demands the learning of basic self esteem. It usually starts on interactions with family members and friends, as well as, strangers and the whole environment where the shy person lives. It also requires continuous exercise of interactions that can add more confidence that change the character of the person (Shyness).

Here are five tips to beat the shyness of your kid.

1. Teach Social Skills Early – One of the most important role that a family can teach is social skills, it starts from the home and gets connected to the environment where the shy kid lives. Kids are observant and at their young age, they learn communication from their experiences together with the people in their home. Kids become intelligent to solve conflicts and choose decisions even when they are young because we parents teach them how to do it. We always support our kids on every step of the way.

2. Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk – Parents should always have time to talk to their kids. Nurturing parent-kid relationship is important to build self esteem for kids who are shy. When we talk to our kids and have the right approach, we can help them understand interaction, teach them eye contact and handshakes and other positive traits.

3. Role Playing Can Help – To learn is to experience, role-playing can help our kids understand the HOW-TO’s of making friends. From outdoor play simulation, playgrounds to conversational tips. We can all do this when we do role playing and practice.

4. Parents Should Learn to Embrace the Challenge – To acknowledge the situation is one of the key on beating shyness. Nobody wanted their kids to suffer from shyness, even the kids who are shy always work hard to fight from it. Embracing the truth and doing the right things to correct everything can help parents and kids. Always remember, everybody is unique and special on his or her own different way.

5. Provide Your Kid Opportunities to Work Out Their Shyness – Practice make’s it perfect. Ask your kid if there are extra activities that he or she wants to try, from kids camp on summer to individual and team sports that can help develop social skills. To be supportive is to provide challenges for our shy kids.

You can also try to enroll your kid to an after school activity, these programs can range from sport related activities, early swimming lessons, musical instrument classes, art related classes to physical contact sports like wrestling, martial arts etc.

Let Us All Remember

“Shyness is a personality trait, not a fault” we can’t point our fingers to anybody and blame them for our kids suffering. I have been teaching pre-school students for a year and what I observed is that shy persons are often good listeners; all we need is to talk to them and teach them how to beat shyness.




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