Growth Hack #3: How Failing Can Help a Kid Grow

As a parent, we only want our kid to become successful. We want to see them doing well on their academics, winning on sports activities and topping almost everything that they are into. We often neglect the true learning that our kids can get when they experience failure, a reality that every man need to face in order to learn the hard truth in life.

Yes failure is a normal thing that everyone can or should go through. Failing can have our emotions high with sadness, anger, anxiety and frustration. Same with our kids, failing can cause them heart breaks and produce low self esteem. However, coping up can always be taught to kids. We can teach them how to handle the situation and turn it into something positive.

FAIL – First Attempt In Learning


How to do it? Teach Your Kids How To Cope Up

  1. Be someone that your kid can look up to. You don’t need to save your kid every time he or she fails, be someone whom you kid can lean unto. Parents should be able to remind their kid that they are always there and backing them every step of the way. Parents should let their kids solve the problem, for it will teach them how to solve things and cope up on problems.
  2. Tell your kid the truth. You can’t win all the time; failure is part of winning and success. Praise them for all the effort that they have made even if they win or lose.
  3. Sit and Chat with Your Kid 1-on-1. Let your kid tell the story behind the failure. Kids can express their emotions and say anything on how they failed, what parents need to do is to become a good listener. Share your insight and maybe personal experience on handling such failure.
  4. Parents should avoid setting high expectations. Be realistic and reasonable. Failure is a natural thing that can happen. This is why parents should learn how to manage their expectations.
  5. Help your kid on choosing the right activity that they can be involved on. Aside on managing expectations, we can also help our kids by analyzing what activity they can be involved with. Consider age requirement, skills related prerequisites and prepare a list where your kid’s current ability can be matched. Choosing the right sport or after school activity for your kid is important.
  6. Acceptance. Perhaps the most important thing in failing is learning to accept it and growing from it. People don’t solve problems; we just learn how to outgrow it.

Always Remember

We all experience failure. Our kids need to know that on every failure, there’s an opportunity to go get up and fix everything again. Remind them to be strong and courageous when getting back up.

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