How to Know If Your Child Is Ready for Sports

For a kid, being ready in sports simply means that the he or she is physically, mentally and socially ready to be participating on a sport. While many sports program always indicate age level restrictions, it is a must that parents know that kids develop on their own unique way. To be successful in sports, your kid must be ready in all of these aspects.


Signs You Need To Know At Start

Two basic skills that your kid need to have in order to be in sports.

Basic motor skills: Kids who want to be on sports must showcase mastery of motor skills. It combines physical fitness, nerve and muscle coordination, flexibility, agility and balance. Your kid is ready enough to play a sport as long as he or she has these motor skills and the discipline to learn from a mentor’s instruction.

Cognitive skills: Cognitive abilities are associated with mental development. The ability of a kid to reason out, think and solve problems is important when playing a sport. Let’s take team sports as an example; a kid must understand the basics of the game in order to play it with the team. Without the power to understand things, a kid can’t play a sport.

 Age & Ability

Many sports program provider include age restrictions and policies for parents and kids who want to sign up on sports but this doesn’t justify the readiness of your kid to be in a particular sport.

Age is not a good indicator to use to gauge if your kids is ready to play a sport. Motor skills and cognitive skills develop at different rates among kids. Even adults are not equal on these skills. A four year old kid can be good on understanding rules and regulations, but their body could not be ready and fit for the demands of a particular game of sport.

Studies tell us that kids at their four to five years of age can start on sport, even on a limited basis.

On Choosing

Always consider the health situation of your kid. Whenever you choose or help them decide on which sport they can join, consider their fitness. One good example: kids who have asthma can’t be involved in sports that demand more strength and energy such as basketball, running sports etc.

Determine what is best for your kid, you can make them choose what they want but parents should know if their kid can do well on a particular sport.

In Summary

All kids can become the next sport athlete if we can only determine their strengths and weaknesses. As a parent, we should support our kids and help them be more confident and focused on achieving their goals when they joined a particular sport. Kids love sports, that is the truth!

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