Growth Hack #4: 7 Tips To Handle Your Problematic Hyper Kid

hyper kid Hyperactive kids can be quite frustrating for many parents. Kids who are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) can often cause us headaches. The challenge is for the parents, the teachers and people who will give care to the kid as he or she grows. To help, we create a checklist that people can use to help them give a better care to kids who suffer hyperactivity.

1. Parents should be the authority who gives rules, consequences and boundaries – Parents should write the rules and establish authority in and out of the house. Make sure that your hyperactive kid understands the rules clearly. To be fair, all the kids who are member of the family should follow the rules too. But if you only have one child and he or she is hyperactive, then have a heart-to-heart conversation with your kid. If you have to make yourself look like the tough person who give directions, then so be it.

2. Get involved in productivity – If you can run on mornings, get your hyperactive kid run with you. Running or brisk walking on mornings can help your kid reduce hyperactivity (at least). When you do morning exercise, you can also teach your kid discipline and fitness at the same time. If you can get them involved in after school activities, individual and team sports, then let them be. Burning the energy on activities can help and take a lot on hyperactive kids.

3. Create a routine that your kid should follow – Yes we want them to work and get them busy, this is why creating a routine can play an important role to managing your hyperactive kids. Let’s take sleeping as an example, a hyperactive child won’t sleep in time if you won’t establish an official routine time of sleep. Parents can go back to the first tip “Set rules” and bedtime should probably be the first rule the parents should be taking care of. Always remember, authorities are the one who is responsible on setting routines.

4. Fee time is precious; spend it wisely – Whenever parents have free time, make sure that you spend it with your kids. Go to an outdoor adventure or just simply go to the park and relax while watching your kid run, jump and have fun. These moments are essential to establishing good relationship with your kid.

5. Check your kids nutrition – Hyperactivity is often cause by poor nutrition. Kids love all the sweets and the sugar and these foods are scientifically attached to hyperactivity of human brain. We all experienced it, sweets, candies and chocolates. Make sure that your kid get the right amount of these foods, balance it out by preparing balanced diet nutrition – fruits, meat and vegetables.

6. Avoid hyperactive environment – A loud and noisy environment can stimulate hyperactivity; television and music stations can kick start hyperactive kids and cause problem. Make sure that you follow tip #3 “routine” and have them busy on activities instead of sitting.

7. Be the disciplinarian that every kid deserves – Shouting and hitting is not a form of discipline, be the parent who knows how to talk their way to their kids and teach them #1 to #6. Assessing everything is crucial; it’s a continuous process of learning.

Parents Should Remember

We can’t blame a child for being out of control, some children can learn and practice discipline quick while other can’t process it on the time that we expect them to be learning it. We are unique in our own way, and this go as well with our kids.

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