The Ultimate List of Kids Activities in UAE

There are tons of fun and exciting activities that kids can do in UAE, from theme park adventure, science exploration, sports camp, music and art classes to math tutorials and more. If you are looking for an activity that can help your kid further his social, physical and psychological growth. Then this post might help you.

For families in UAE, it’s important to find places where your kid can enjoy and learn new things at the same time – below are some of the after school activities that parents and kids can enjoy, including their location for easy access.

Atlantis Kids Club

atlantis kids club

Info: Top Mums Choice for 2014 in UAE. Atlantis Kids Club offer awesome and exciting adventures for kids 3 to 12 years of age. Families get to enjoy different parts of the Atlantis, from play zone, creation zone, little pirate’s playground, command centre and underwater theater. Atlantis also offer suites for families who want to stay and relax plus other exquisite amenities. Atlantis is located at The palm, Crescent Road, Dubai.


kidzania uae

Info: Kidzania is an award winning edutainment centre for children. It’s a place where kids can learn and understand grownups challenges and role play different situations. Kids can role play engineers, surgeons, doctors, nurses, artists, radio DJ’s, photographers and more (Up to 80). Kids will learn how to become an adult and have fun while enjoying the opportunity. KidZania offer activities for ages under 2 years old to 4-16 years old. KidZania is located at the Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Info: SMCCU, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding is a place where every family can learn Emirati culture, customs and religion. If you want to explore local living especially Dubai, SMCCU give tours in local Mosques, Bastakiya Heritage District Tours, Cultural Delicacies and more. Explore Dubai together with your kids by joining this award winning programme.

Mozart Art Centre

Info: Kids love arts, Mozart give you and your kid an opportunity to enjoy and learn through art classes, music lessons, sports, language classes, ballet and dance, play instruments and more. Mozart Art Centre is located in The Palm, Jumeirah. See more info by clicking here.

Favourite Things

Info: “Dubai’s favourite play area for babies, toddlers and little kids” Located in the Dubai Marina Mall, favourite things is a very good place that offers fun activities to your kids. Kids will surely love playing on the sandbox, racetrack for plasma cars, kids castle gym, dress up room and they even have a café that parents and kids can enjoy. Favourite things also have a hair salon for parents and kids who want to go for grooming.


Info: Kidville offer a wide range of kid’s activities that kids can enjoy. They offer creative classes for kids who are 2 to 5 years of age, they also offer music lessons, arts and other enrichment activities for early childhood development. Kidville is located in The walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach Park

The place has beach sport field services, enjoy playing basketball, volleyball and handball with your friends and family members by visiting this place. A public place ideal for families who want to enjoy their time without overspending.

Soccer Circus Academy Dubai 

Info: It is a fully interactive football attraction, engaging visitors in a series of exciting, immersive football challenges. This unique attraction appeals to a wide audience from ages five to seventy, male and female and enables visitors to have fun in a safe and controlled environment whatever the weather.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

Info: Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award Winner in 2014. One of the best attractions that you and your kids can enjoy in Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterwold is a 15 hectares park that has 43 different rides, water slides and attraction that many visitors can enjoy. If you want to get wet and have fun with your kids, it has to be Yas! Also part of Yas is the Ferrari Wold Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Country Club

Info: One of the biggest health and fitness club in UAE. Abu Dhabi Country Club offer programs that members and non members can avail. People can avail martial arts classes, boxing, dance lessons, fitness classes and more.

Check out this list of activities from Abu Dhabi Country Club – Click Here

Find an Activity Today

If you are at home and want to checkout activities that are available for your kid through the internet. Visit today and book your kids activity through the first and leading after school activity booking management platform in UAE.

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