Preschool: Mom’s Guide to First Day at School

It’s back to school time, for KG students, first day of school might be the most exciting a headache for many moms. This is why it’s important to understand this transition that your kids are going through. Toddlers moving to preschoolers might require more patience and guidance from the parents.


We created an easy to understand guide that moms can use on the first day of their preschoolers. This guide will give a hand to many moms as their kids move into the next stage of life.

Let’s start:

#1: Ready Everything

Prepare everything, from school supplies to uniforms, everything has to be prepared. Your kid need these materials in order to study and start schooling.

Checkout this infographic – 5 tips to back-to-school kids in Dubai

#2: Be on Schedule

There is no better way to teach kids punctuality than the first day of school. Starting with the right foot is always essential for moms and their kids who are transition to preschool. Getting up early for school can build the kids discipline when it comes to punctuality and valuing time. For moms, It’s a responsibility that they have to perform on every day.

#3: Get Acquainted to School Rule Book

If you want to know more about the school of your kid, you should probably check the rule book that the school has. Rule books often contain information about the core values and principles that the school students should follow. As a parent, it’s our role to deliver these messages to our kids.

#4: Be Friendly To Other Moms

First day of school simply means first day of meet up for moms. This is probably the day that you will meet other moms who are feeling the first day hype like you. Be friendly to them as you might need these relationships as you and your kid go along on schooling.

#5: Get to Know Your Kids Teachers

A positive parent-teacher relationship is always essential for first time preschoolers. Parents got to know the teachers since they will be the second family of their kids 190-200 days in one school year. The teacher will become the next guardian that plays a major role on your kids development.

#6: Parents Have to Be Extra Strong

Preschoolers on the transition day can suffer anxiety, toddlers can feel the separation and might threaten their first day of school experience.

#7: Make a Game Plan for a Week

Following the first 6 steps, we can assume that your kid is going to have the perfect first day of school. Then the next step is perfecting the week. Create a game plan that you can use, until your kid is enjoying the school day(s) parents should never stop hustling for a perfect one.

Everything is perfect, now it’s time to give your kid some extra duty. Select an after school activity that your kid can enjoy and have a continuous learning opportunity. If you are located in UAE, offer a range after school programs available for your preschoolers.

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