Growth Hack #6: Must Have School DIY’s

The summer vacation is over; every family is now busy taking care of their back-to-school students. Moms are probably busy on preparing everything for schooling. It can be a stressful at time or it can add more excitement to every family member.

Parents are busy to find ways to squeeze out their budget, shopping for school supplies, shopping for school uniforms and accessories, enrollment fees, extra after school activities. Back-to-school, can often cause parents more pain in the wallet than the stress that they are going through.

Today, we collected many of the best school DIY’s that parents can use to save more money.


DIY1Who need to buy coloring books and charts at bookstores? Parents can save money by printing these coloring books from, grab it here. This easy to print collections can help your budget.


Old notebook papers that were not used can always be reused by simply threading them all together. Collect your spring notebooks and grab a yarn, remove the spring and start looping the yarn on the holes of the notebook.

DIY2Make sure that length of the yarn can thread all the holes and complete your notebook. Now you just need a wrapping material to make your old notebook a new and usable notebook.


If you want to save money, recycle. That’s how you can save and have an extra budget for other school materials. Here are some used materials that you can recycle for your kids schooling.

Used can, yogurt cups, cereal boxes, gallons, and water bottles – These materials can always be used as a pen and pencil holder. You just need to clean them up, add some unique lovely covers to it and presto, you got a new material to use.

Turn bottle jars into a container – Recycle jars by adding candies, cookies, gumballs and other sweets. You can turn this jar into lovely gifts that your kid can give to their classmates and teachers.


This is a fun activity that a parent and a kid can work on during weekends. You just need a box, a scissor, a ribbon and a touch of creativity.

In Summary

Save money by using these DIY hacks and have an extra budget for your kids daily school needs. Make back-to-school more fun and exciting for your kids and have a happy school year.

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