15 Awesome Parenting Apps That Every Family Member Can Use

1. PBS Play & Learn App (Free)

pbs play and learn

An app the provide tons of fun games that parents can play with their kids, each themed with situational locations like kitchen, grocery and many more. A very good way to develop your kids curiosity about everyday living.

2. Canvsly (Free)


A home for your child’s artwork. Doodling is one of the best art activities that many kids love. Get this app and have your kid explore the art world. Share the art that your kid created with your friends and family, convert it to store to Canvsly archive or as a gift.

3. Baby Connect (Paid)

Are you looking for an app that can help you track your feedings, diapers, sleep, activities, medicines etc. Then this app is for you. An awesome management application for babies

4. iHomeopathy (Paid)

If you are looking for a mobile app about health and first aid treatment, then this application is what you are looking for. Known as one of the most easy to understand health related book, this app stores all the information that you need about first aid, common illness, treatment, dosage, medicines etc.

5. AboutOne Family Organizer (Free)


An app that helps you take care of your family and home, one of the most easy to understand organizers that helps your productivity all the way — Mums love this.

6. Cry Translator (Paid)

Are you having a problem on how to calm down your baby whenever he or she cries? Cry translator can help you understand the sound that your baby is making.

7. Glympse (Free)

Do you want to track your kids whereabouts? Glympse lets you track the location of the person using it. You don’t need another mobile device to use Glympse, the app can give updates through SMS, email, facebook or twitter.

8. Amber Child Safety (Free)

Protect your kids from inappropriate and distressing web content on your device. Keep them away from pornography, violence, hate speech etc. by using this application.

9. iEarnedThat (Paid)

Created by a Pediatrician, this application gets your kid motivated and get them achieve goals through the desired behaviors that you want.

10. Pageonce (Free)

Pageonce tracks your bank and credit accounts, payment dues that reminds you when to pay.

11. My Pregnancy Today (Free)

A must have pregnancy app for mums to be. Get all the information that you need about your pregnancy, tips that every pregnant women need, resources that you need.

12. 50,000 Baby Names (Free)

Obviously, it’s a list of names that you can use for your new born baby. If you are having trouble on choosing names, then this app is for you.

13. ZipList Grocery, Shopping and Recipes (Free)

Grocery shopping made easy. Throw away your paper list and use ziplist whenever shopping.

14. White Noise Lite: Relax. Sleep. Better (Free)

If you want better sleep, get the white noise app. It features ambient sounds that turn your dark room into a relaxing environment. For moms, getting the right amount of sleep is the best reward for a long tiring day.

15. ABC PocketPhonics Lite (Free)

If you want to tutor your kid before you put them to school, then this app is perfect for you and your kids. An education tool that helps you practices your kids writing and reading skills.

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