Kids Guide to Making Friends at School

make friends

Hey kids, how’s your first day (month) of school?

The most common problem at school for first time students is making new friends. For first time studs and even back-to-school kids, to find a new friend is to have a companion that will last for years. To find a circle of friends is to have a sense of belongingness, brothers and sisters that you will grow up with as years go by., the leading resource of after school activities in UAE created this simple guide on how to make friends at school-

Always Smile – No one can resist friendship when a smile is offered upfront. Smiling is the first weapon that your kids can utilize whenever they are new at school.

Be Confident – Parents should practice on building their kids confidence even before school. When they are confident, they are ready to take on the next stage of their life – school. Kids should always feel that school is fun, not something that is scary or boring perhaps.

Clean Hygiene – Perhaps one of the most overlooked factors on making friends, hygiene is always important even for the youngsters. Neatness can make your kid be more approachable. A clean teeth can always light up a smile and change the mood.

Be Ready To Help – Kids can make friends through simple things, teach your kids to be good at other kids and be ready to offer help or share to someone who is in need. Sharing is making friends. It might not be bad to share something to make friends with others.

The Bigger The Better – Make sure that your kids understand the concept of “circle” when it comes to friendship. As days pass by, your kid won’t just have a friend, she or he will have a group of friends like brothers and sisters.

Be Proactive During Class – Make sure that your kid is ready for school, to participate on classroom discussions could help a lot on making friends. Kids who sit at the corners and always quiet are likely to have fewer friends at the end of the day.

Join After School Activities – Your kids will have more friends when they join non academic activities, music class, art class, language clubs, sports teams and more. These after school programs are developed to further help your kid’s growth and understand how relationships work.

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Always Remember

Teach your kids the concept of “Be Yourself”, you don’t want your kids to make friends and feel belongingness because they comply on what their friends require. Friendship has no prerequisites; you won’t need friends who cant accept you on being you.

For expats in UAE, teach your kids English so that they’ll be ready to communicate with other kids. Considering that English is the most common used language that every people understand.

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