Sports 101: Get to Know the Types of Running Sports

Today, we are going to talk about running, one of the most competitive sports played in any sporting event. For kids looking for after school activities, running is one of the best options that kids can try. Running requires fitness particularly on the lower parts of the body, discipline, coordination, balance, and flexibility. In which kids can benefit of as they join the running sports.


Let’s meet the five types of running – sprint, middle and long distance, relay, and hurdling.

Sprint – A type of race over short distance or sprints is one of the most famous types of competition in running. Sprint is a race that starts from a certain spot to the other end (finish line). Sprinting events on Olympics has three events, 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters.

In game, sprint begins by having the racers positioned on a crouch like posture, then the racer leans forward and move upright as the race commence and momentum picks up.

The record holder for 100 metres in Olympics and World Championship is Usain Bolt “The Lightning Bolt” at 9.63 and 9.58 seconds respectively.

Middle distance – Sprint distance of 800 meters, 1500 meters and mile run are all in the middle distance track event. Runners start from a standing position, standing on a curved line and then when they hear the pistol they move to the innermost track and starts the race.

NOTE: On mid to longer distance races, the ability of the player to race on a top speed become less of a factor. Pacing, in game tactics, and endurance becomes more important.

David Rudisha from Kenya holds the Olympic and World Record for 800 meters, 1:40.91 in both competitions.

Long Distance – 3000, 5000 and 10,000 meters race events are considered as long distance track events. Just like the mid distance race, this event demands pacing, tactics and endurance.  Long distance competitions for both World and Olympics are held both indoor and outdoors.

Daniel Komen from Kenya holds the record for 3000 meter at 7:20.67

Relay – An event that involves team competition and usually made up of four runners (of same sex). Each runner should complete the required distance before they can hand over the baton who then begins or continues the race.

Racers could be disqualified on the competition if:

  • They drop the baton during the race
  • They hand the baton outside the designated spot
  • They impede their competitors in any way.

The most common relay events are 4×100 and 4×400 meters. 4 players x Distance.

Hurdles Race – A race events that involve obstacles, usually racers have to jump over the wood barrier in order to further his or her run. It was first introduced in England at the 19th century. And the first known event is held in 1830.

Other than hurdles, steeplechase race is another race event that involves obstacles.

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