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Different Types of Kids Play (Infographic)

Kids love to play, it is an opportunity for them to have fun and experience life. Childhood play is important to kid’s growth, it give our kids the learning that they need in order to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. At play, kids learn how to interact and develop their social skills by making friends while playing, solve situational and analytical problems and grow further.

We parents should understand the types of play that our kids is involved with. It will allow us to put them on a situation where they could truly take advantage of play.

Here’s an infographic made by that showcase types of play:

types of kids play

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8 Social Media Rules Kids Should Follow (Infographic)

Children nowadays are more adept on using technology – desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, and phablet. Access on information is now so easier and convenient, it has helped us have better knowledge on things and communicate with ease. With these tech devices, the rise of social media followed. People don’t need to text or call anymore in order to connect with family and friends, an individual just need to sign up on these social media sites and keep everybody updated on their daily lives.

Social media is indeed an open space, children are signing up on these websites and handing information without realizing the dangers that is packaged with it.

Today, – the most complete source of kids activities in Dubai present a new infographic that tackle social media rules kids need to follow:

social media rules


7 Must Read Literature for Kids (Plus UAE Books)

Keeping kids busy might require a lot more effort for us parents. Aside from their homework, school related tasks and getting them after school activities, kids can get occupied also by giving them books to read. So here’s a list of literature books that you might consider grabbing for your kids read.

#1 Charlotte’s Webcharlotte-web

Written by E.B. White, Illustrated by Garth Williams / Released: 1952 / Available on Mobile? YES

A children’s classic about a pig named Wilbur and his friend Charlotte, a spider on the barn. A timeless fable for kids and considered as one of the bestselling books that kids must read. Charlotte’s web tackles true friendship, justice, nature realities and the colors of life and death.


#2 The Adventures of Tom Sawyertom-sawyer

Written by Mark Twain / Released: 1876 / Available on Mobile? YES

An adventure of a young boy and his friend  Huck Finn in Saint Petersburg, Missouri, a village near the Mississippi river. Considered as one of the most celebrated literature in America’s history. Tom Sawyer tackles friendship, superstitious beliefs and more of social convention.


#3 Peter Pan and Wendytom-sawyer

Written by J.M. Barrie / Released: 1904 as Play and 1911 as Novel / Available on Mobile? YES

Known as “The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up”, Peter Pan and Wendy is a story for all the ages. The most famous title amongst the works of Barrie. A story that is adapted into many stage plays and musicals.


#4 Harry Potter – Seriestom-sawyer

Written by J.K. Rowling / Released: 1997 – 2007 / Available on Mobile? YES

A powerful seven series fantasy novel of young wizards characters, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of whom are wizardry studs of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The story rounds on how to overcome the antagonist Lord Voldemort who aims immortality and conquering all the wizards.

#5 The Hobbittom-sawyer

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien / Released: 1937 / Available on Mobile? YES

A very well written epic story of dragons, dwarves and non stop adventure. The Hobbit follows the quest of Hobbit Bilbo Baggins and his adventure to claim golds that is guarded by the dragon. The hobbit tackles growth, emotions, friendship, heroism, trust and loyalty.


Literature for kids, made in UAE

#6 My New Mothermy new mother

Written by Mariam Al Rashedi / Illustrations by: Reem Al Mazrouei / Released 2012

A story of a girl who remembers her father’s first wife, “Umm Jadeedah”. In poetic, subtle words Mariam Al Rashedi describes the relationship of the girl to the older woman and of the loss she feels after she is gone. The short, beautifully written snapshots of the girl’s relationship to the older woman are complemented with strong, expressive illustrations by Reem Al Mazrouei.

#7 The Eid Cakemy new mother

Written by Reem Al Gurg / Illustrations of Dana Al Mazrouei

It is the night before Eid and mother has baked seven delicious cakes. Who are they for? With this charming picture book for children from 0 to five years, the little readers can find out more about Eid al Fidr, the spirit of giving and sharing and the importance of family ties in a playful way.


Resource for UAE books

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How Goodnight Sleep Can Help Your Kid (Infographic)

Sleep is one of the most important elements of good health and well-being. When people don’t get the right amount of sleep, it can lead to many problems. It can affect your health, your life and even your safety. For kids, a quality sleep is a must, it help them perform their daily activities at their very best. created an infographic to showcase how goodnight sleep can help your kids –

sleep benefits for kids

Dubai Uprising: 10 Education Numbers You Need To Know (Infographic)

Education in Dubai has really skyrocketed into a high level of quality and the education’s continuous rise signifies the progressive state of Dubai and the UAE. To celebrate this years back-to-school season,  let’s take a look on how Dubai education has changed and dig deep on ten of the most important numbers on Dubai Education history book.

dubai education numbers

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5 Tips for Back to School Dubai (Infographic)

A week from now, the 2014-2015 school year will start for many schools in United Arab of Emirates, Dubai. Many parents are now busy on putting everything into a ready, for some they are still struggling on coping up with back to school and might need some hand in order to prepare for things. Here is an infographic to help you further prepare things for your kids –

back-to-school tips

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12 Lunch Box Ideas for Back to School Kids

UAE – another school year kicks in weeks from now, how ready are you for your kid’s back-to-school fiasco? Today, we will share another useful tip to our readers and share twelve of the best lunch box ideas that parents can try on prepping up lunch boxes of their kids.

Your kid needs the energy and the right nutrition in order to become successful in school. For your kid to be active in school and after school activities, they need to have a healthy body.

Here are healthy lunch box ideas that you can try (Plus snacks):

lunch box 1

lunch box 2

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