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Growth Hack #9: Teaching Kids to Love Sports


Sports can teach children many important things – fitness, discipline, motivation, socio skills and team work.  Indeed sports have so many advantages and can help our kid grow healthy, physically, emotionally and socially. If you are looking for an after school activity for your kids, you will probably go for sports, but not all kids are fond of sports. How do you teach your kid and able them to try sports? This post will give important pointers on how to make kids love sports.

Start Early

To start early is to determine which sports our kid will love. Parents and kids should get involved early in sports, may it be swimming, basketball, martial arts kids’ trying out sports is not a bad idea. This could later on give your kids options on whether to go strong and specialize on a particular sport or be good and have extra options when getting involved at sports. Continue reading

Growth Hack #8: Kids TV and Safety


Kids love TV – they could spend hours watching their favorite cartoon or TV show all day. We parents should moderate television viewing at home so that our kids can have a safer and healthier life. Studies show how media can badly affect your kid’s character development; TV shows for example can influence delinquency among youths, from substance to alcohol abuse, foul language and immature content to premature sex and abusive content.

Parents should take over and moderate television viewing

Check for TV Ratings Guide – Some TV shows might be appropriate to all kids, some are not. Therefore parents should look for ratings and guides on what shows may fit to their kids. We saw this helpful cartoon ratings table from parents TV organization:

TVY –Programs created for all children. These cartoons are created for children with age of 2 to 6 years old. Absolutely with no violence and zero matured content. Continue reading

Growth Hack #7: How Parents Can Teach Kids Save Mother Nature

Let’s face it, there’s a challenge for everybody to help save mother earth. Conservation is a must for us in order to have a better place to live. Saving our resources for a better tomorrow, this is the main goal of many mother earth saving advocacies. We as parents can also teach our kids to live green and help on saving mother earth.

save earth

Here are ways parents can teach their kids conservation

1. Be the best example you can be – Kids need a better example and it should start from their home. Parents should set an example to their kids by following simple house rules set by them. If you want teach kids, it should start from you being a good model.

2. Recycle, recycle, recycle – Ask anyone how they can help on conservation, they will tell you “Recycle”. It’s a very simple way wherein we can teach our kids to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Help you kids understand waste segregation (Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable).

Create DIY projects using recycled materials. See example below:


3. Energy Conservation – Parents should set house rules on appliances and gadgets. Here are some energy preservation rules that you can give your kids.

  • Limit TV viewing and computer use.
  • Unplug chargers of mobile devices when you finished charging.
  • Turn off and unplug appliances when leaving home.
  • Reduce the times that you open your refrigerator.

4. Green living is healthy living – To teach your kids the importance of green living is to live healthy. We should teach them the harmful effects of pesticides and bad household cleaner agents, how to battle pollutants and have a greener living.

5. Save whenever it’s possible – Teach your kids how to save things, kids can save by writing on their notebooks on a back-to-back sheet, use pencils until its very last lead, save boxes and recycle, save things that can help the mother earth.

(c), the leading resource of after school activities in Dubai.

Kids Guide to Making Friends at School

make friends

Hey kids, how’s your first day (month) of school?

The most common problem at school for first time students is making new friends. For first time studs and even back-to-school kids, to find a new friend is to have a companion that will last for years. To find a circle of friends is to have a sense of belongingness, brothers and sisters that you will grow up with as years go by., the leading resource of after school activities in UAE created this simple guide on how to make friends at school-

Always Smile – No one can resist friendship when a smile is offered upfront. Smiling is the first weapon that your kids can utilize whenever they are new at school.

Be Confident – Parents should practice on building their kids confidence even before school. When they are confident, they are ready to take on the next stage of their life – school. Kids should always feel that school is fun, not something that is scary or boring perhaps.
Continue reading

15 Awesome Parenting Apps That Every Family Member Can Use

1. PBS Play & Learn App (Free)

pbs play and learn

An app the provide tons of fun games that parents can play with their kids, each themed with situational locations like kitchen, grocery and many more. A very good way to develop your kids curiosity about everyday living.

2. Canvsly (Free)


A home for your child’s artwork. Doodling is one of the best art activities that many kids love. Get this app and have your kid explore the art world. Share the art that your kid created with your friends and family, convert it to store to Canvsly archive or as a gift.
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Growth Hack #6: Must Have School DIY’s

The summer vacation is over; every family is now busy taking care of their back-to-school students. Moms are probably busy on preparing everything for schooling. It can be a stressful at time or it can add more excitement to every family member.

Parents are busy to find ways to squeeze out their budget, shopping for school supplies, shopping for school uniforms and accessories, enrollment fees, extra after school activities. Back-to-school, can often cause parents more pain in the wallet than the stress that they are going through.

Today, we collected many of the best school DIY’s that parents can use to save more money.


DIY1Who need to buy coloring books and charts at bookstores? Parents can save money by printing these coloring books from, grab it here. This easy to print collections can help your budget. Continue reading

Preschool: Mom’s Guide to First Day at School

It’s back to school time, for KG students, first day of school might be the most exciting a headache for many moms. This is why it’s important to understand this transition that your kids are going through. Toddlers moving to preschoolers might require more patience and guidance from the parents.


We created an easy to understand guide that moms can use on the first day of their preschoolers. This guide will give a hand to many moms as their kids move into the next stage of life.

Let’s start:

#1: Ready Everything

Prepare everything, from school supplies to uniforms, everything has to be prepared. Your kid need these materials in order to study and start schooling.

Checkout this infographic – 5 tips to back-to-school kids in Dubai Continue reading